Dignity Strike!

Visibility Sustains the Struggle:

An Initiative by Decolonize This Place

in Support of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike


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Palestinian prisoner hunger strike launched on April 17, and it is the first day of the Dignity Strike! solidarity initiative. From now until the prisoners call off the strike, we will be posting creative contributions on a daily basis. International media coverage and opinion is critical to the success of the strike, and it is already being heavily influenced by Israel’s propaganda machine. Dignity Strike! is an effort on the part of artists, organizers, writers, and intellectuals to raise the profile of the strikers, and expose the truth about the denial of their basic rights.

The occupied territories of the West Bank, and Gaza especially, are often referred to as open-air prisons, but Israel’s own detention facilities are the most extreme examples of colonial subjugation. Information about the colonial and apartheid conditions in these prisons (where Palestinians are treated entirely differently from Israeli prisoners) is not widely accessible. And for good reason, because they involve violations of the basic rights of incarcerated persons, as they are recognized worldwide. Among the thirteen demands of the strikers are calls for improvements in conditions and an end to solitary confinement, heavy restrictions on family visits and administrative detention – prolonged imprisonment without charge.

The Palestinian prisoners stand in the lineage of hunger strikers throughout history; Cesar Chavez, Alice Paul, Bhagat Singh, Bobby Sands, the Tiananmen students, and countless other, less famous, movement figures. Their strike for dignity and freedom calls on all of us--including cultural workers--to amplify their struggle in confronting the tyranny of jailers. Today, we begin the work of supporting them through art and action in all forms.

Join us on this initiative wherever you are, either by contributing or by publicizing the daily postings. Email submissions to decolonizethisplace@gmail.com.

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