Day 17

Salt and Basic Communism #dignitystrike

by Nick Mirzoeff

Salt has often been a catalyst by which the interaction of life, colonialism and apartheid can be made visible and subject to change. From India to South Africa and today’s ongoing Palestinian hunger strike, salt is the means by which the inhuman form of colonial oppression can be tasted. To deny access to salt by taxation, price or the regulations of mass incarceration is to colonize human life itself. It is to assert that only certain types of human life are beyond price and have inherent dignity... Click here for full article

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights - SUPER
of Portland State University supporting the hunger strike with the Salt Water Challenge

Like a body born beneath the dirt every night can be denied dignity

by Mahogany L. Browne

Umm Nasser holding the picture of her sons Nasser, Nasr, Sharif and Mohammed

by Hannah Atallah

Arab Woman

Sadness in My Eyes

by Annette Copenhaver

In Response to Gilad Erdan

by Anonymous

Pictures from Belfast 1996

by Myriam Vanneschi

Day of Rage 5/3/17

by سامر ذوقان, Balata Refugee Camp

In the name of God the Merciful,

To all of our people around the world, and you free people who support the cause of Palestine, a thousand greetings from the land of Palestine for standing by our people in its just cause and struggle... Click here for full article