Day 20

Statement issued by the

Palestinian Prisoners' National Movement

A Wall in Aida Refugee Camp

Here We Will Stay

New York University

Students for Justice in Palestine

Free Free Palestine

by Marz Saffore

Words from Steven Salaita

We are nearing the twentieth day of the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike. During this period, people from around the world have expressed their solidarity in various ways: by drinking salt water, doing their own fasts, writing beautiful messages of support, educating others about why the strike exists. Palestinians have taken to the streets. Israel has responded with typical brutality.

Meanwhile, the princes, dictators, and potentates that govern us have been virtually silent. They're too busy collaborating with Israel and nurturing their obscene wealth to worry over wretched inconveniences starving in barbaric conditions. The economic and political elite in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, and Doha go about the business of finding elegant suede loafers and form-fitting summer dresses so they can look marvelous while fleecing their compatriots and ensuring our region's subservience to Western capital.

This should be a moment of rage, education, concern, reflection, love, understanding, and empathy, a moment to fight, a moment to achieve dignity, a moment to scream support for fellow human beings refusing to eat so that we might one day enjoy the taste of freedom. At the very least, this moment should forever cure Arabs of whatever fantasies we have that our leaders and their global think tank lackeys have anything to offer other than cowardice, silence, and complicity.

Past Perfect Present Tense

by David Campbell