Day 32

One Month Strong

by Nick Mirzoeff

On #day31 of his hunger strike in 1981, Bobby Sands was nominated as Sinn Fein candidate for MP in the by-election for Fermanagh and South Tyrone that he would go on to win. Having started his strike two weeks ahead of his fellow strikers, Sands was already half way to death. I don't think there was anyone in the UK or Ireland that did not know his name. On #day66 he died and 100,000 people attended his funeral.

Today is also #day31 of the hunger strike of over 1300 Palestinian prisoners. 100 men are in hospital and they are refusing water. This will become critical imminently. The Guardian has no mention. Nor does the NYT or Washington Post. All the attention goes to the circus in Washington. Who knows even Barghouti's name?

The information is available. The Bobby Sands Trust has two articles on its front page about Palestine. Meanwhile, 400 immigrants are being arrested every day in similar invisibility. Dozens if not hundreds of strikers are at risk of starving themselves to death. Visibility matters and is now a matter of life and death.

A year ago, I was about to go to Palestine, totally unprepared, despite my own sense of knowing, for what I would see and learn there. A year later, it will be the Trump circus that arrives, leading Palestinian Authority leader Abbas to make nice in the delusion of preference, or perhaps just to further feather his nest.

Dignity was what Fanon saw as the goal of decolonizing. In Washington, Tel Aviv and official Ramallah, dignity has been so lost, it no longer has any meaning. Try and imagine denying yourself all food and water for 31 days in pursuit of dignity. For the #dignitystrike in remembrance and foreboding.

Open Heart

by David Campbell

Detail photograph of Albero (Tree of Life). Carved in black Mexican marble.

Psalm of Jordan

by Mahina Movement