Day 37

Banging on the Walls of the Tank

by Andrew Ross

Over the last century, Palestinians have lived under four different colonial rulers. Each had different legal systems. At their convenience, Israeli authorities pick and choose which of the laws of the three others they want to apply and enforce.

For example, an 1858 Ottoman law regarding “underutilized” (mahlul) land is routinely used by the Civil Administration to expropriate Palestinians’ arable property. Factory owners in West Bank settlement industrial zones claim they are bound by Jordanian labor law (which is much weaker than its Israeli counterpart). And as for administrative detention, responsible for the incarceration--without charge or trial--of many Palestinian prisoners, this practice was introduced by the British as part of the Mandate’s 1945 Defense (Emergency) Regulations... Click here for full article.

Manager Sqaure, Bethlehem

Financing Fascism

by Decolonize This Place