Day 38

For Manchester And Palestine

by Nicholas Mirzoeff

In the flash of the media cameras and the detonation of a bomb, Manchester and Palestine yesterday became a dialectical image of the present. The invisible, drawn-out suffering of the hunger strikers in Palestine shatters against the hypervisible instant of mass mediated murder. The clash of two sets of images produced a fragmented sense of the uneven time in which we live and die or, more exactly, live dying.

Last remains of the Peterloo Massacre - 1815

So many times were present in that moment. One could speak of the mediated spectacle of Ariana Grande in the home of the Industrial Revolution. Of the death of fifteen strikers in the Peterloo Massacre of 1815, less than a mile from the Manchester Arena. Of the gentrification of a city once known as "Gunchester." Of the long unwinding of the British Mandate in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East. Of the static condition of "terrorism" and "counterinsurgency" that has persisted since the Cold War. And, above all, of the intersection of lived lives that ended because fascism is willing to use them to make its interventions... Click here for full article.

Day 38

from Balata Refugee Camp

Serving A Life Sentence

#ناصر_عويص #Nasser_Aweis

Convicted of 15 life sentences. Minister of Defense for the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian state when it stands and was the first to draw plans to defend our people in the Intifada in 2000. This is the message he sent today with the lawyer who visited him at the Ayalon prison in Ramle:

"O our great people, our resistant people, I will not take too much of your time as I am too weak to speak after 37 days on hunger strike, O our people, our nation: My brothers and I, who have taken upon ourselves to defend Palestine and our Aqsa on behalf of you all, have entered the first stages of death, so please forgive us if we did not do enough for Palestine and for our land. We only ask you to pray to God to bring us Mercy in life and in death.. we are fighting a fierce lonely battle with Israel that may be the last for some of our nations leaders (God forbid), for God is the only protector and the most merciful.
It is a revolution until victory or martyrdom
Your brother Nasser Aweis
Ayalon - Ramle prison
Day 37 of hunger strike… you have only God our heroic prisoners."

Day 38

by University of Puerto Rico Students

Rio Piedras Students on strike raised Palestinian Flag in solidarity with the 1600 Palestinian prisoners currently on hunger strike. #dignitystrike #decolonizethisplace #اضراب_الكرامة