Day 40

Day 40 Onward Poster

by Decolonize This Place

Day 40 : Don't Look Back In Anger

by Nick Mirzoeff

Forty symbolizes the overcoming of hardship. The Israelites wandered for forty years, while Jesus spent forty days in the desert. For hunger strikers, forty days marks the passage into system failure--the hearing goes, sight fails, the body collapses. Despite everything, let's hear the call from Manchester: "don't look back in anger."... Click here for full article.

Dignity Strike

by Lory Lozano

Artwork by Palestinian Artists from Jenin given to the Jenin City Solidarity Tent

Silence = Complicity

by Assad Abdi

How does Israel steal the money of Palestinian prisoners?

Article by Walid Daqa for the Middle East Monitor

link: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20170525-how-does-israel-steal-the-money-of-palestinian-prisoners/

Dignity Strike Day 40, Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland in solidarity with the prisoners, against the siege of Gaza and collecting for Dar Essalam hospital in Gaza, ''Light For Gaza'' campaign, for solar panels.