Day 9

Dignity Strike Banner: Day 9

by Decolonize This Place

I Remember Bobby Sands

by Nicholas Mirzoeff

I remember Bobby Sands. I remember that he began his hunger strike in the notorious Long Kesh prison in Northern Ireland on March 1, 1981, the day of my nineteenth birthday. Sands struck in support of the claim of Irish Republicans to be considered political prisoners.

I remember that he died sixty-six days later on May 5, 1981, aged 27. He was elected Member of Parliament for Fermanagh and South Tyrone while on strike but never took up his seat. Now prisoners may not run for parliament.

I remember growing up in West London, where many Irish and Black British people then lived. The boarding houses where people rented rooms had signs that read “No Irish. No Coloured. No Dogs.” People say it didn’t happen now, but it did... Click for full article

Our Chains Will Be Broken Before We Are

Quote by Marwan Barghouti

From The River To The Sea

by Myriam Vanneschi

Gaza, Palestine: June 30, 2014

by Joe Catron