Stand Up And Fight Back: Bystander Intervention

The workshop will be run by Rachel S Blum Levy. Rachel has a Master's Degree from CUNY Hunter College in macro social work and community organizing. ​She has professional clinical experiences working in the field of HIV / AIDS and as a crisis counselor at an abortion clinic. She is a former Collective Member / Part Owner of Bluestockings Bookstore, one of the last 13 feminist bookstores in the country. She is additionally a long time zinester, and the cofounder and assistant editor of the feminist compilation zine Hoax.

(Link: #DecolonizeThisPlace)

NOTE: This workshop is not about physical self defence. It is specifically about de-escalation and bystander intervention, using verbal techniques to defuse potentially violent situations, and emphasizing the importance of combining this with larger scale community organizing in confronting racism and white supremacy.