#J26 Comment Card

Whitney Staff Comment Card

Dear Whitney Staff: We are writing to invite you to a Town Hall Assembly that will address the crisis at the Whitney Museum originally sparked by the staff letter concerning Warren B. Kanders’ presence on the board of the museum.

The Cooper Union
41 Cooper Square, The Rose Auditorium
Saturday, January 26, at 1:00-4:00pm

Your presence would be invaluable to our collective effort to hold the museum leadership accountable. Spontaneous participation is crucial to the assembly, but we also welcome anyone who wishes to speak at the event to reach out to us in advance as well.

We know that the museum administration has created an environment of intimidation to discourage staff members from further speaking out. If you would like to speak at the assembly, but feel it is too risky to do so in your own name, we can create ways for you to participate in which you can remain anonymous.

The most simple way to do this would be:

1) Print out this card and write your anonymous thoughts on it.

2) Send a photograph of the card to us at decolonizethisplace@gmail.com.

3) We will then project the card on a large screen during the assembly in the Rose auditorium and arrange for it to be read aloud.

However, feel free to send any other materials or formats (images, recordings, longer texts, performance concepts) and we can determine together how to best have them appear in the assembly while preserving your anonymity.

In solidarity,

Decolonize This Place, in collaboration with Chinatown Art Brigade and Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.).