Artists: NYC Is Not for Sale

Saturday, October 29, 7pm

Free Entrance

Gentrification is accelerating, displacing working class communities of color at a rapidly quickening pace. It is a crisis—driven by the real estate industry and facilitated by City Hall. The incentives of developers and the changing make up of the city are turning artists, involuntarily or otherwise, into agents of this displacement. Artists are part of the problem, from Chinatown to the Bronx and beyond.

Analysis and debate can stem this tide, but can't stop it. Silent complicity and cynical resignation are no longer options.

Artists must draw a line in the sand, and act in solidarity with the communities in which we live and work as part of a city-wide movement that declares: NYC Is Not for Sale!

Moving forward from last week's conversation on the integration of art galleries within communities in New York's Chinatown, "Artists: NYC Is Not for Sale" will launch an artist-led effort to directly combat these forces of gentrification and join the struggle with local communities actively fighting against mass displacement.

Webpage: http://artistsspace.org/programs/artists-nyc-is-not-for-sale
Webpage: decolonizethisplace.org

#NYCNot4Sale #DecolonizeThisPlace

*NYC Is Not For Sale is an alliance of anti-gentrification organizing groups from all five NYC boroughs.