Contingent to Defend Jerome Ave

The Bronx Is Not For Sale

Contingent to Defend Jerome Ave

Thursday, September 29, 5pm

Bronx Community College
2155 University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453
The exact meeting place is the corner of West Burnside & University

We act in support of the Bronx community against gentrification, displacement and dispossession. The action to Defend Jerome Ave: "Scoping Meeting" is being led and organized by our comrades, friends, and collaborators at Take Back The Bronx.

We are in regular contact with Take Back The Bronx folks to coordinate support so that we turn up Borough wide in solidarity with the Bronx. As artists, organizers, and cultural workers, we have a duty to fight and turn up so that we may actively de-gentrify and together defeat the developers, as well as call out those of us who are on the wrong side of this battle for communities' survival and dignity.

We will not share details about the action here. To plug in, join us tomorrow at 55 Walker Street, Decolonize This Place, at 3pm or reach out.

The Facebook event page put up by Take Back The Bronx is here: facebook.com/events/907409942698834

Let us turn up and #DecolonizeThisPlace!

Details are below from Take Back The Bronx:

The city is pushing forward its plan to rezone Jerome Ave to benefit developers and capitalists. Join us in the next front-line battle for the BX -- The Bronx Is Not For Sale!


Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Planning Study Environmental Scoping Meeting


September 29, 2016 at 4:00pm


Bronx Community College (Gould Memorial Library Auditorium, 2155 University Avenue, Bronx)

The next step for the developers and their lackey politicians is a "scoping" meeting, where officials will decide how many different kinds of environmental impacts they should bother weighing with regards to the proposed rezoning. The capitalists will want to to study as few environmental impacts as possible, so the development will move forward smoothly. But working class communities of color in the BX want AS MANY as possible, because it's our lungs, bloodstreams and bodies that get mangled for their profits.

Defend Jerome Avenue

To read the draft "scope of work" document, outlining the state's plan for Jerome Ave click here

To visit the NYC city government site, explaining the review process for rezoning and development click here