Declaration of the Indigenous Peoples Day Assembly at AMNH

We declare this to be Indigenous Peoples Day, even though Mayor De Blasio refuses to do so.

We demand that the AMNH, which collects revenue from exhibiting indigenous cultures of the world, starts to pay back by publicly honoring the day, by acknowledging the Indigenous land it sits upon, by repatriating human remains and sacred objects, and by undertaking meaningful and radical steps to decolonize its exhibits and holdings.

We demand that the AMNH leadership publicly acknowledge the cultural violence perpetrated by the Roosevelt Monument on its steps, and its own memorial cult of Theodore Roosevelt, a champion of male chauvinism and white supremacy.

We demand that the AMNH president and board chair convene a public meeting to hear testimony from those who have experienced harm from their visits to the museum.

We call on our elected representatives in city government to suspend the annual $17 million subsidy to the AMNH until the museum has taken substantial steps to meet these above demands.

We call on these representatives to appoint a committee to oversee a decolonization process at all city museums that enjoy subsidies through taxpayer support.

We commit to join and actively participate in any efforts on the part of the Decolonize This Place coalition to pursue the above demands.

Rename, Remove, Respect.
Decolonize This City!